TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN :- (namely, all astute appraisers of fantastical tales and all, astute or not, who would occasionally abandon the harsh bounds of reality and flee to the nether regions of their imaginations.)

The Book

A towering ring of ivory rock set amidst a boundless ocean . . .

A galleon approaches. Its destination is nigh. The sentient timbers of its hull creak and shudder, guiding it onwards in concert with the rhythms of the sea. Its masts sit like winged ogres, shackled to the deck by strange enchantment – fibrous ribbed sails twist and contort to capture even the most extravagant vagaries of the prevailing winds. This is no ordinary galleon.

The end of one voyage ensures that another will begin; a rite of passage for Azella, a warlord’s daughter no less. Indeed, it will be a rite of passage for her entire race. Their home lies at the torn edges of a capricious universe where time and space are ill-defined, where boundaries between adjacent dimensions are fragile. Extinction would have already been assured long ago but for an artifact placed at their midst by the benevolent Aes.

The Aes (Aesnagärk): an ancient race so advanced that they have been virtually liberated from the task of survival, relieved of the burden of self-aggrandizement. As self-appointed guardians of any who might show promise, even here, at the extreme limit of their wanderings, they have insinuated themselves into the mythology and spiritual framework of this beleaguered world in an attempt to protect and influence, without betraying their presence. But can they forever conceal their identity?

Of course there is a balance to everything …

The Eidola: just as ancient, but opposite in every conceivable way to the Aes. Fate, fickle as ever, has decreed that they too should be irrevocably entwined within her web. As they relentlessly emerge, can the warring factions of Azella’s own people put aside their differences to confront this, the true foe?

So is the scene set for DELYRIUM, the first part of this tale, wherein, with a single murder most foul, do the Eidola bring chaos to humankind and instigate their insidious plot. Wherein that plot is exposed by the legacy of the Aes to a select few, who realize, all too quickly, that their destiny has been shaped by others and that they must follow it if they are to survive – a perilous journey over long-forgotten landscapes that will be taken up in DARK DÊLYRIUM, part 2 of this trilogy, and which will culminate in RED GALLEON amidst the far-flung raging seas that dominate Azella’s world.


Graduated from the UK as a chartered engineer and wiled away the hours, both there and overseas, designing structures ranging from the mundane to the exotic.

Years spent in Holland, Norway, the U.S. and Canada, coupled with numerous vacations in faraway places, provided ample fuel for an already smoldering imagination. The start of a new life in Mexico is only going to fan the flames.